365 Create: Day 10

Blog post 10 –

This is a bronze head I made when I was 19 working at a bronze foundry. It was pretty cool job.

Bronze Emerging Head Sculpture | TonyFrentrop.com

…with perks. As in I met some really cool people and still have a handful of some pieces I made while working there.

I made the pieces here by first making a wax mold – not your typical candle wax. Then it goes through a slurry build up dressed with a liquid eggshell substance in which you roll it in different sand to build up the casting shell. Its starts about the graininess as sugar and ends with gravel. Its about 10 different steps.

Bronze Emerging Head Sculpture | TonyFrentrop.com

Then the hot liquid bronze is poured, then the breakaway, followed by sandblasting. Then done.

The head was designed to look like its emerging from a table or something. It now resides on our fireplace.