Blue Jay Cigar Box

This box is made with curly maple wood. It was a birthday gift for my friend and business partner, Jay. The outside carvings are inspired by those old, antique cigar boxes. The copper stamped detail on the top right of the door is a tribute to his birth year. There are lots of details inside – wooden rulers as drawer backs and peg backs; vintage war posters are lining the bottom of the drawers; a removable watch rack; slide-by doors with a cut out and trimmed square as a grip; another container is enclosed with a door that opens down and is detailed with a red “handmade” thumbprint stamp. Inside the door on the lower, right corner is my signature initials carved in. The door is held securely shut with magnets in the corners.
With all of the compartments and the watch holding rack this is a design suited for a man to store his jewelry and other small treasures.

365 Create: Day 44

This is the second nightstand in a set that I made.
I carved the design out with chisels.
One of the doors pulls open like a door should. The other pulls out like a drawer.
It was a commissioned piece because I sold the first one at an art show. The buyer liked it so much that they asked for a second one so they could be mounted on either sides of their bed.

365 Create: Day 25

Day 25 –

A wedding box I made for my wife and me. The idea of the project was simple – pull, slide, and open.

wedding box decor

Each of the boxes does one of those functions. The whole set of small boxes measures 17″wide x 11″tall x 5 3/4″deep.

wedding box decor

It was made from one large piece of walnut, all cut down/milled on my table saw and sanding wheel. The board was roughly 3 1/2″ thick. The pieces for the box case are 5/16″ thick after cutting and sanding.

wedding box

I’d get about five pieces out of each piece of rough stock. Then simply cut, glue, clamp, drill, make dowel rods, install dowel rods, engrave, join boxes, stain, finish, and hang.

wedding box

*Side note, all traditional joinery. No nails or screws.