Miniature Wooden Music Box

This little gem plays the Pink Panther theme song when you spin the crank. The box itself is made of mostly walnut with other woods striping the lid — oak, maple, cherry. The sound emanates from copper pipes in the way of a giant church organ. There is also a copper plate with holes drilled into it to act as a speaker screen to allow the music to float out as well. Its pretty amazing the way the music is amplified by these two styles of sautered metal designs incorporated into the top of the wooden lid.


365 Create: Day 31

Camera Cabinet –

I made this for my wife to store our cameras in.

camera cabinet

We have it hanging up in the living room next to my gas mask girl cabinet.

Camera Cabinet - open

She loves it. Its nice to have a safe place to store them – especially her dSLR (that’s taking this picture)! And its easy to get to so she can grab it any time to use.

The antique Brownie-esque cameras were my inspiration. So I painted & stained this one to look aged.

Camera Cabinet - side view