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Miniature Wooden Music Box

This little gem plays the Pink Panther theme song when you spin the crank. The box itself is made of mostly walnut with other woods striping the lid — oak, maple, cherry. The sound emanates from copper pipes in the way of a giant church organ. There is also a copper plate with holes drilled into it to act as a speaker screen to allow the music to float out as well. Its pretty amazing the way the music is amplified by these two styles of sautered metal designs incorporated into the top of the wooden lid.


Blue Jay Cigar Box

This box is made with curly maple wood. It was a birthday gift for my friend and business partner, Jay. The outside carvings are inspired by those old, antique cigar boxes. The copper stamped detail on the top right of the door is a tribute to his birth year. There are lots of details inside – wooden rulers as drawer backs and peg backs; vintage war posters are lining the bottom of the drawers; a removable watch rack; slide-by doors with a cut out and trimmed square as a grip; another container is enclosed with a door that opens down and is detailed with a red “handmade” thumbprint stamp. Inside the door on the lower, right corner is my signature initials carved in. The door is held securely shut with magnets in the corners.
With all of the compartments and the watch holding rack this is a design suited for a man to store his jewelry and other small treasures.

Travel Chess Set

This chess set is created out of maple and walnut woods to create the “whites” and “blacks”. Its got small magnets on the inside corners to hold the board tightly closed when its folded in half. The pieces all fit snuggly inside and is practically a puzzle in its own right to put away!

Sliding Door Entertainment Stand

I created this entertainment stand to hold our living room electronics, DVDs, and PlayStation games. I’d previously made a bookshelf (I’ll have to add a picture soon) and my wife wanted it to coordinate.

Since the doors needed to slide past each other I created the hardware using skateboard wheel bearings and a narrow track. And to brace the bottom of the doors and keep things sliding evenly I added bearings from a router bit to hold the doors plumb.