365 Create: Day 28

Day 28 –

Here’s a small chair I made for our boys. It was the first chair I had ever made. Took the design from our dinning room chairs, just shrunk it down to scale. All traditional joinery and super sound. The chair now serves as a laptop bay.


365 Create: Day 27

Day 27 –

The fireplace makeover I did at our house. When we moved in it was a brick with wood mantle that was at a strange height. It had a real grandma feel to it.

Brick fireplace "before"
Brick fireplace “before”

I ended up pulling the mantle and top four levels of brick. Then covered it all in tile. I think it is much more our style. A little bit of a Tim Burton feel. Much better than a grandma feel.

Fireplace "after" ... covered in tile
Fireplace “after” … covered in tile

365 Create: Day 25

Day 25 –

A wedding box I made for my wife and me. The idea of the project was simple – pull, slide, and open.

wedding box decor

Each of the boxes does one of those functions. The whole set of small boxes measures 17″wide x 11″tall x 5 3/4″deep.

wedding box decor

It was made from one large piece of walnut, all cut down/milled on my table saw and sanding wheel. The board was roughly 3 1/2″ thick. The pieces for the box case are 5/16″ thick after cutting and sanding.

wedding box

I’d get about five pieces out of each piece of rough stock. Then simply cut, glue, clamp, drill, make dowel rods, install dowel rods, engrave, join boxes, stain, finish, and hang.

wedding box

*Side note, all traditional joinery. No nails or screws.

365 Create: Day 14

Day 14 post –

A table I made a while back. Its ok though, I never ended up posting it on my website. The table was pretty fun working on.

wooden coffee table

The legs for the table was by far the most challenging part as I don’t have a lathe any more. Ended up making the legs with a big Craftsmen drill and some sheet metal.

solid wooden table top

…side note – Had a lathe but it was super scary. Ended up getting rid of it!