Playhouse for my boys

I built this playhouse in the backyard when we moved into this house. We’d made one in our previous house and when we moved our oldest son was sure to miss playing in it. I designed this with simplicity in mind, some place for them to have friends over, store toys, and use their imaginations in! Its a square “house” design with a wood porch for hanging out on. My oldest son enjoyed pitching in and helping me build it too. We’ve come to realize that maybe they’d like a balcony – they use the tree behind to climb up on the roof to enjoy the view!

kids, playhouse, imagination, cool, awesome, dad, cottage, handmade, design, wood

You can find this and many other unique items in my Misc Gallery!

If you’d like a playhouse built to your custom desires please send an email to me. You can visit my Contact Page to fill out the easy form!

Anything you see in my galleries is for sale. You can request a replica or we can work together to design a piece of furniture / art specifically for you!

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